Infrastructure Assessments

IT infrastructure assessment is required from time to time as an input to decision making – for strategic investments in technologies or for process improvement and optimisation. Organisations engage external parties to do health-checks and assessments for an independent opinion. Typical assessments are generally conducted in the following major phases:

1. Survey and Data Gathering
2. Documentation and Assessment of the Infrastructure
3. Gap Analysis vis-à-vis good practices
4. Recommendations for improvement, configuration changes etc.
5. Presentation of findings, reports; and workshops.

Based on the maturity level, and business requirements (gathered during interviews), we make recommendations or highlight areas which require attention – whether configuration changes, upgrades or a complete overhaul of the systems in question. These recommendations will be guided by good practices, taking into consideration latest technologies and security enhancements, for the overall improvement of IT services.

Recommendations will be made in alignment with enterprise architecture, if a formal definition exists in the organisation; if not, these recommendations will be conducive for such a design in the future. In addition to various documents, we also produce engaging infographics as a part of deliverables.


Services and Applications
Data Centres / Locations
System Infrastructure
Network and Wireless Infrastructure
Virtualisation Infrastructure
Storage and Backup Infrastructure
Printers and Peripherals
Communication Lines
Access Control and CCTV
Audio/Video Infrastructure
Security Infrastructure