Virtual CISO/CIO Services

Many organisations may not require a full-time CIO/CISO – and even those organisations with CIO/CISO may need to offload certain tasks from time to time. Forebrook can assist your organisation by performing some or all CIO/CISO tasks by drawing from a pool of experienced professionals. Apart from hiring the right resource, retaining highly-competent and experienced professionals is a major challenge. With Forebrook, you can avail the services of senior consultants for a fraction of the cost of hiring such resources.

IT Strategy & Roadmap
IT Portfolio Review
Due Diligence
Feasibility Analysis
IT Project Management
Change Management
Office Automation
Optimising IT / Cost Optimisation
IT Infrastructure Optimisation
IT Financial Management / Budgeting
Procurement / Vendor Management

IT Policies and Procedures
Recruitment, Interviews
Performance Management
Managing IT Outsourcing
Cloud Technologies/Services
Business – IT Alignment

Enterprise Architecture
IT Governance & Compliance
IT Risk Management
Information Security Review
Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery