Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud computing is revolutionising enterprise IT. Deployment of cutting-edge technologies has become faster and easier than traditional on-premise systems – at a fraction of the cost. Whether you plan to deploy production systems, or just offload test and development systems to the cloud, you need to analyse your requirements and plan accordingly. A sound cloud strategy is not just numbers that show savings; rather, it should be modelled on business objectives and consideration of overall risk. Business benefits are many: operational optimisations and ease of provisioning increases agility and cost efficiencies.

Forebrook will assist you in your cloud computing strategy, by doing assessments, identifying areas which can leverage cloud platforms, identifying potential risks, undertaking feasibility studies and computing total costs including hidden costs – providing intelligence to decide on private, public or hybrid clouds.

Whether you wish to use SaaS solutions or PaaS/IaaS for optimising datacentres, our comprehensive assessments and studies can help you make an informed choice. If you wish, we can also help you deploy and maintain your public cloud infrastructure or train your staff to manage those resources.

Feasibility Studies
Cloud Strategy
Cloud Design and Architecture
Deployment & Management of SaaS
Deployment & Management of PaaS/IaaS
Cloud Solutions in a DR Strategy
Cloud Computing for Testing & Development
Cloud Security
Feature/Capability Comparison