Security Assessments

Security assessments should be conducted on a regular basis, and should be included in the strategy. Major international standards include third-party assessments as an important requirement. The goal of assessments is to ensure that necessary and adequate security controls are implemented to protect information assets from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, recording or destruction.

We, at Forebrook, conduct comprehensive assessments based on best-practices and international standards. In addition to using latest tools for vulnerability assessments, we also check, inspect, observe and analyse information systems in a holistic manner covering technology, people, policies, processes, procedures. As an integral part of assessments, we conduct interviews with individuals and groups in the organisation to understand the infrastructure, security objectives and strategies, and assess security controls for effectiveness and adequacy. Additionally, penetration tests will be conducted for public-facing IPs.

Our Security/Risk Assessments culminate in extensive reports and recommendations for remediation along with roadmaps to implement controls.

Security Policies
Data Classification
Risk Management
Topology, Data Flow
Access Control
VPN/Remote Access
Network Access Control
Application Configuration
Database Configuration
Change Control
Patching & Anti-Virus
Logging / SIEM
Intrusion Detection
Physical Security